Saturday, 16 February 2013

Laundry Basket

Well the first project of 2013 is complete and what a very enjoyable and rewarding project it was. I got the inspiration from a project for a Folding Screen in The Woodworker magazine. They had used this method of weaving thin wooden slats. I was desperate to make something using this method and, as we needed a new laundry basket, I had my excuse. The frame of the basket is Sepele. As is the relief slats. The majority of slats are in Sycamore. The uprights of the frame and the lid ends have a 3mm wide groove in the inside faces. One side is 3mm deep, the other, 2mm deep. This allows for the slats to be slid into their final position. The slats themselves are 2mm thick. Which, I cut on my band saw. Using a 3 T.P.I re-saw blade. Then, planed smooth with my planer. Finally the basket was lined with a calico bag held in place with Velcro. This was made by my wife Pam. Who is a very accomplished quilter.

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  1. Been showing Barbara and Dawn your Blog and they would both like money boxes - Dawn would like three and Barbara would like one please.